By phone

You will be able to book your stay by phone in April
418 562-3414. 

Make sure you have the following information on hand when you call :

  • Date of arrival and length of stay
  • Types of services required
  • Credit card information
  • Special requests
  • Number of tents and vehicles

Booking policy

First come, first served.

The campsite management does not recognize any privilege or vested right.

Reservation fees are $ 5 (taxes included) per stay and are not refundable under any circumstances.

Fees charged on credit card ( VISA ou MasterCard ).


A deposit is required for every booking:

  • When booking for stays of one week or less, payment of
    the first night is required as a deposit.
  • When booking for a stay of more than one week,
    payment of one night per week is required as a deposit.

The remaining cost of your stay is fully payable on arrival,
either in cash or by debit or credi card(Visa et MasterCard).
There will be no refunds once the stay has been paid for.
A customer may extend its stay, but we cannot guarantee that it will be able to occupy the
same site.

Cancelling policy

Cancelling a Reservation

  • If canceled 5 days or more before your arrival,
    100% of the deposit is refundable, except for the booking fee of 5 $.

  • If canceled less than 5 days before the date of the stay,
    neither the deposit nor the $ 5 booking fee are refundable.

Modifying a Reservation

It is possible to change a reservation for the following reasons :

  • To change the arrival or departure date
  • To change the periode of your stay
  • Type of equipement used
  • To change the services within the same campsite (e.g. site with electricity)
  • to change the name of the reservation holder

Changes shall be accepted as long as the sites are available in the reservation system.

Customers who wish to change a reservation before their scheduled arrival must contact the booking attendant at 418-562-3414.
Customers who wish to inform us of a delay (planned arrival date) must do so at the same number.

No refunds will be given for late arrivals or for departures before the end of the stay for reasons out of the control of Camping de la Rivière Matane.